The Sacred Thread of Yoga

The Sacred Thread Of Yoga

Contact The Sacred Thread of Yoga - Gratitude is perhaps one of the greatest lessons learned from yoga practice. It arises when we recognize and acknowledge that sacred thread of knowledge passed down through the generations from teacher to student, student to teacher, student to self and symbolized by the yajnopavita, the actual sacred thread of yoga worn, since ancient times, by the acharyas or spiritual teachers of India. The Sacred Thread Of Yoga Festival, October 2010, is a festival of gratitude. It brings students and master teachers together in gratitude to honor and celebrate the passing on of this sacred thread which is the connective fiber acknowledged by, and linking, all those—past and present—inspired and blessed by the sacred gift of yoga.

Come practice with many of the most remarkable teachers of our time, who are all coming together to show their regard, their reverence, and their gratitude for the transformation brought to their own lives by receiving this sacred thread.

The Sacred Thread of Yoga Festival has been conceived by those yogis—students and teachers—who inspired the Yogacharya Festival of July 2007. You are among a small group offered exclusive early pricing to attend the celebration in San Francisco. You will receive 25% off when you enroll by March 1st., 2009.

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