The Union Collective

The Union Collective

Delivery to SF, parts of the Peninsula, and some areas around Fremont.  

We call ourselves The Union Collective, and we distinguish ourselves through the quality of our medical cannabis, friendliness of our staff, and the validity of our screening process, which follows the strict specifications of Prop. 215 at all times.

We strive to provide you with first class patient services. The Union Collective makes available the highest quality medicinal cannabis to disabled patients who cannot leave their homes and to whom driving is a physically overwhelming, impossible burden. With the help of our friendly professional volunteers, we are able to expedite the delivery of medication to you.

It is our prime mission as spiritual caregivers to make available to qualified patients the highest quality organic medicinal cannabis--devoid of harsh chemicals and pesticides, leaving only the finest tasting medicine possible.

Our outgoing approach in dealing with our members and the experience and tenure of our expert cultivators simply cannot be matched. Yes, we are caregivers with a passion, we give compassionate care to patients who endure painful illness such as terminal cancer, autoimmune diseases, glaucoma, sleeping disorders, nausea, anorexia and others.

Our medical cannabis is locally and organically grown in the perfectly suited hills of Northern California's Green Triangle. We work only with patients currently residing in California who are valid medicinal marijuana cardholders and have recommendations from their physician.

So, rest assured that as a member of the Union Collective, you will have access to the highest quality organic medicine available. The finest tasting medicinal cannabis will now be delivered to you. You will never have to leave your home.

The members of The Union Collective extend you a warm welcome! We want you to know that from now on, obtaining your medical cannabis is going to be easier.

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