Thomas Gordy, The Rolf Method Of Structural Integration

The basic premise behind Structural Integration (Rolfing) is to bring the body into balance with the forces of gravity, promoting length, ease, and freedom of movement. In doing so, chronic pain is often relieved, restrictions in movement disappear, and athletic ability increases. Structural Integration is the most thorough and effective bodywork available.

I was introduced to Structural Integration in 1996, when, suffering from back pain and sciatica, I experienced the ten-session series. The work left me pain free, flexible, and more athletic. After completing a 1000 hour program in massage therapy (Swedish Institute, NYC) and being certified as a personal trainer (NASM), I received my certification from the Guild for Structural Integration.
I have advanced training in working with scoliosis and I specialize in low back pain, cervical (neck) dysfunction, and feet.
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