Time Dans Ageless Beauty


From the day we are born, we are doing a "dance with time." If we could just wish our skin to remain as plump, smooth and perfect as it is on that day, wouldn't it be wonderful? But we soon come to realize this isn't the case, and throughout our lives we need to care for ourselves...inside and out, to remain youthful, ageless and glowing. And so the "dance" begins.

At TimeDans, I have created products and services that are the most essential and successful in keeping us waltzing through our lives looking youthful and vibrant, fresh with the promise of every new phase, every new chapter. Our "dance with time" is a magical beat to a song of wonder and of being "ever young."

I have been a massage therapist for seven years and a graduate of aromatherapy for over six years. I have been an aesthetician for over three years. I have believed with all my heart that nature provides us with everything we require to be flawlessly youthful and also to heal and rejuvenate