Tutti Frutti

Nothing best describes the second store then its own name, tutti frutti. Located on Irving Street in the Sunset District, you'll only need five minutes in the store before hearing, "I remember those!" or "Ah cool, look at these!" Falling under the category of a toy and card store, there's more kitsch per square inch here than what any Las Vegas gift store can offer: from cowboy TV dinner trays, Dr. Seuss alphabet trains and Betty Boop lunch boxes to sea monkey watches, Slinky Dogs, Mad Libs and Sparkling Mullet car and body wash. Manager Linda Schireson carefully handpicked two unique items. The current best selling item is the Perpetual Motion Sunshine Buddy by Tomy toys. Running on solar power, the oversized 'carefree and happy' face rocks back and forth dizzying you into outright anger or sublime calmness, depending on your anger management skills.

- Excerpt from "Sophisticated Kitsch" by Cliff Samaniego