Twiga Gallery

Twiga Gallery has been one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier galleries of fine African art and African-inspired jewelry for six years. The collection at Twiga Gallery includes masks, sculptures, figures, pottery, furniture, textiles, currency, and adornment from tribes all over the continent of Africa, including Benin, Makonde, Nigeria, Congo, Baule, Bameleke, Bambara, Yoruba, Mali, Bongo, Sudan, Songe, Luwa Luwa, Bundu, Dogon, Ashante, Fante, Fon, Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Tanzania, Angola, Ethiopia, Gabon, and more. All of the pieces are hand selected by Twiga, who has over 20 years collecting experience. The gallery also showcases one-of-a-kind designer jewelry creations by Twiga that use ancient and antique African beads, precious metals, and semi-precious stones and were shown in American, Italian, and Japanese Vogue magazines. Twiga Gallery is one of the few galleries in the world that exclusively represents authentic African art and is free and open to the public.