Ulrich Log Cabins

The Ulrich heritage of wood working started back in 1990, when Jerry Ulrich and his family began a barn building business in an old, abandoned saw mill. The family spent time harvesting trees and milled enough material to build their first portable barn. The family had to borrow a trailer in order to make their first delivery. From that point on, the good word spread about the superior craftsmanship that came with the Ulrich name. Shortly after start up, the Ulrich family business was recruited to build one of the first Yogi Bear Camp grounds, which expanded the family business into construction of cabins. We can say the rest is history and it was just meant be.

Now, over 25 years later and thousands of satisfied customers, Jerry’s sons have lead Ulrich Log Homes to become a premier builders of Texas Built Log Cabins. The quality of workmanship and materials that goes into each Ulrich Cabin continues to distant Ulrich Log Cabins from any competition.

To this day the Ulrich family continues to build these fine cabins, handcrafted one at a time.

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