Vanguard Translations

Vanguard Translations

Vanguard Translations was established in 2007 in San Francisco, California. The company specializes in translation and interpreting services. Vanguard Translations has a network of qualified and certified translators, interpreters, proofreaders, editors, and researchers.

We provide translation of legal, medical, technical and a large variety of documents in over 150 languages—the most popular languages being Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, German and Russian.

Vanguard Translations is headquartered at 580 California Suite 1600 in the Financial District of San Francisco, California. We have completed work for clients such as Spark Program, UCSF, Ross Computer Services, Public Profit, Home Health Advocates, Frank Howard Allen Realtors, Pacific Northwest Diabetes Research Institute, Advanced Microwave Products, and many others.

We spawned in light of the recent globalization of the global economy, as there has been more and more interaction amongst countries doing business. The goal of Vanguard Translations is to provide individuals and businesses with a service in which they can utilize when the opportunity to interact with another country or culture arises.

We provide translation of legal, medical, technical, along with a variety of documents in over 150 language combinations. Our most popular choices include Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, and German, usually translating to and from English.

Our services range from simple document translations to business interpreting, multilingual research and website localization. 

With our network of qualified and experienced translators, interpreters, proofreaders and researchers, we are able to provide you with quick and accurate results for all your translation needs.