Video Wave Of Noe Valley

You'll love the feel of this 25 year old movie rental store. A wide range of movies with a great foreign language, independant and documentary titles. Our staff will help you narrow down a selection quickly. Just let us know what you are in the mood for or who you are watching with.

Fresh made Popcorn is complimentary! Munch while you browse or take a bag home. Specialty candies include Guittard Non-Pareils and Sunkist Fruit Gems. Organic Sodas are available.

Lots of titles on VHS! VHS are 5 night rentals and Kid&Family titles are $1,00 for 5 nights!

DVD rentals are for 2 nights; but let us know if you need something else and we'll make a deal.

Thanks for your interest in our store and hope to see you soon!