Vino Venue

What would happen if you crossed a wine bar with a vending machine? You can find the answer at VinoVenue, a new concept in wine shops right around the block from SFMOMA at the corner of Mission and Third streets.

At VinoVenue it's possible to sample any of 100 wines on sale before buying them. But how you try the wine is what makes this store unique; VinoVenue is the first wine store in the United States to utilize an automated system of vending or tasting machines and smartcards to sell one-ounce wine "testers." Purchase a pre-paid smartcard worth $10, $20, $50 or $100 and step up to the stylish vending machines. Insert your card, hold your glass up to a spout and 'voila' a sampling of your choice pours out for sniffing, swirl, or sipping. --Amy Sherman