A Haight Street icon, Wasteland is as much known for its artsy window displays (picture wanton mannequins being attacked by oversized rodents) as for its expensive vintage AC/DC t-shirts. A large store by Haight standards, Wastelands buys and sells vintage gear with a discerning eye, keeping customers happy from week to week with unique vintage finds, mixed in with some new hipster garb for good measure.

This Haight Street store is a vintage warehouse, where the locals go to sell old clothes for some extra cash. But the staff here will not take just anything. They always know what the store needs more of, so do not expect them to do handsprings over just any pair of Brady Bunch bellbottoms. Because they are so selective, this used clothes icon has tons of cool garb that go with the trends while staying true to a retro vibe. - travel.yahoo.com