Wee Scotty

Wee Scotty

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All classes are designed to accommodate both beginning and intermediate students. We stress comprehensive learning. Details covered in each class include:

*Learning on the sewing and serger machines
*Basic fun and easy production style garment assembly
*Selecting a design (I encourage your design input) then we will discuss fabrics that will best suit your project
*Designing from a sketch

Knowledge of these basics will lead to more advanced skills involved in sewing which include: cutting fabric, sizing patterns, and doing the math it takes to make your garment fit. Lynne Gallagher has been teaching children how to sew in San Francisco for the past fifteen years. Many of her younger students have advanced so greatly with the skill of sewing that they are able to compete with the adult students. The art of sewing is one that is best when shared with others. In our classroom setting, those with more experience have enthusiastically shared their skills with their fellow beginning students, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. So bring your friends and let’s get our hands busy and start sewing!

For Kids classes see our website for more details!

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