Will Sherwin, Ma

•Is it hard to see your child hurting?•Has your child been through a loss or injury?•Can you feel your child carrying a lot of emotions and you don't know what to do?•Is he or she afraid, withdrawn, or aggressive around others?It's normal for children to go through hard periods when something bad has happened to them, but some problems require more than just time.  You may have tried your best to make things better and now you're wondering what else you can do.  I'd like to help.I'm a special kind of counselor that teaches young children throughout the Bay Area how to recover from loss and injury.  I use play therapy to assist a child in expressing and processing their feelings in a safe way.  I've seen it work time and time again to help them rediscover a sense of safety and confidence so they can return to what they do best: playing, making friends, and discovering the world.Please give me a call, I look forward to working with you.Will Sherwin, MA(888) 637-7404 ex. 22I am an MFT Trainee supervised by Marriage and Family Therapist Kathleen Dunbar, MFC 39880.

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