The ultimate artsy little gift shop, Wishbone will delight even the most skeptical shopper. A hand-picked selection of high-quality stationary, clothing, jewelry, toys, and Wishbone-related items distinguishes this place from your run-of-the-mill hipster store. Hint: Be sure to join the mailing list to receive post card updates on Wishbone events, all year long.

Visitor Comment:
Don't despair! Your retail therapy fix is as close as the nearest Muni. A trip down to Wishbone can easily turn the day from gray to hot pink. Chock full of fanciful frippery, you'll find the likes of rhinestone studded wrist-cuffs , T-shirts emblazoned with "Hello Pitbull" – that would make the folks at "Hello Kitty"™ squirm, princess phones, scented candles, the whole line of Dirty Girl™ bath products, and a whole lot more. Wishbone is a true child of SF style. Funky and diverse, the shelves are full of small surprises - including affordable prices...