Zanshin Mind Body Center

Check out Yoga Chikitsa at Zanshin Mind Body Center!!

We offer Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga classes 5 days a week: Monday-Friday. With our amazing rates, there is no reason to put off giving yoga a try any longer! Our first month intro rate is 30 days for $30 and every Monday night, we offer a donation based class from 6-7 where you pay what you can!!

Each (Ashtanga) Vinyasa Flow class is a vigorous whole body workout. You will burn fat and sculpt your muscles, becoming strong, flexible, and light in both body and mind.

Those who are seeking a good cardio burn need not look any further- an intense hour long yoga class will burn, on average, 455 calories, all while toning the entire body. Regular practice will result in a sleek and sculpted body, and a calm and clear mind.

We will begin with sun salutations that warm the body and safely prepare the muscles for stretching and strengthening. The class then progresses through a series of poses designed to cleanse and tone the body. In this Vinyasa style of yoga, students will move smoothly from posture to posture in a rhythmic flow.

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