Zazil -Coastal Mexican Cuisine

Zazil Coastal Mexican Cuisine

Coastal Mexican Cuisine

Zazil, pronounced “zah-ZEEL,” comes from the Mayan word, sáasil, which means “clarity.” The clarity, lightness and openness of Mexico’s coastline are interpreted on the menu in an unusual but tantalizing way by Executive Chef Rocío Gómez. Chef Rocío brings her wealth of culinary experience from Mexico City (including cooking for Mexico’s President Vicente Fox Quezada and his family) and mixes it with her homeland’s traditional recipes and the “presence of grandmothers who left their recipes imprinted in our memory,” serving cuisine that is at once authentic to coastal Mexico and unique to the San Francisco restaurant scene.

The appetizers at Zazil instantly tempt with a blend of bold and adventurous flavors and ingredients indispensable in Mexican kitchens. Diners will find more sophisticated creations such as the Chipachole de Cangrejo, a spicy soup made with crab and four kinds of peppers, Tiradito de Pulpo, octopus carpaccio with sea salt, olive oil

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